Winsphere Jones' work illuminates with its gothic themes and sometimes disturbing plot lines bring a unique twist to storytelling on stage.  He centers his fictional world of literature in a place called New Amsterdam.  In the newest free city in the Americas, Winsphere Jones shapes his world by defying history and recreating it from a new perspective in a changed history.  Jones has raised the question, What if slavery ended before it became the fabric of how America was built?  The world he has created sets a course for a new way to see humanity without the confines of dealing with man-made social constructs that he feels stops progression and the evolution of society. He has created a world of possibilities for all men, so that they are truly created equal and the parchment in which the words of freedom has worth. However, this does not mean that Man cannot be reckless and cause this world to fail.  Winsphere Jones considers the world of New Amsterdam as a stage where he writes stories of humanity’s greatest internal battles.  As a writer, he hopes to be a significant part in broadening the minds of those who have been kept in the box far too long and create an imaginative spirit for the New American writer.


“Thy Kingdom Come” is an incredible drama that can engage a contemporary audience with some of the oldest themes of the Western tradition.

Audience members are engulfed in a world where issues of greed, lust, lies and love are not defined by race

The play was a tasteful blend of elements of “Hamlet”, “King Lear” and “Dr. Faustus” set in counterfactual America in the Kingdom of New Amsterdam.

Jones evokes the most powerful themes of the Western literary canon: the corrupting influence of power; the nature of sin and judgment; the dichotomy of good and evil

A MASTERPIECE! Jones is a hidden talent, whose theatrical works DEMANDS International attention.

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Tales of the Great Condor


Welcome to the new Edwardian world of Winsphere Jones and his mystery novel character Josephia Blackstone, also known as The Great Condor. Hear the stories of The Great Condor as he solves cases of murder through his remarkable gift to live through the deaths of the victims in their last moments. Suspense, Drama and Mystery collide in this cerebral thriller set in an alternate 1800s American Society.  This critically acclaimed podcast series begins with The Death of Jessica Clayborne. (click below)

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