In 2013, Winsphere Jones won the award for best overall play at the Atlanta Black Theatre Festival for the play, "Thy Kingdom Come".  This was a crowning achievement when for the first time, Jones took his work on the road.  This gave legitamacy to his writing and to what he is trying to


We give thanks to the artist from all over this land and credit to their talents, for God gives us the heart, soul and mind to create for the generation to come. The minds of children are fragile and we have reached a saturation of artistry that fails our young, for they do not see from their imagination, but only from a reality that is false. Theatre was meant to awaken the imagery in our minds and provoke thoughts that would encourage and inspire. We send our gift to the stage, for in the audience may sit a legend waiting to be the next in line to give the gift of theatre.


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In 2015, Winsphere Jones returned to Atlanta to participate again in the Atlanta Black Theatre Festival with the play reading of "The Red Spider".  The play was a hit and was the winner of Best Director.  Jones received high praise for the originality of the production and was seen as the new age of African American Theatre. 


Winsphere Jones captures the schism of a writer who has sold his soul for profit and acclaim, yet finds the light of salvation in the point of a knife, but drowns in a drug induced despair from the realization that he has fallen too far to claw his way out of the self-created hell.

Southwest High School’s Fine Arts Masters of Excellence bring a new view of the young people of our town. Amagolian Blue is the story of two forbidden lovers from two different African tribes who risk their land, their people and their lives.  

Continuing to write and be creative is always a good way to stay centered and stay on top of your craft. Winsphere Jones writes books that connects his world of New Amsterdam together. The Ribbon in the Sky is his 2019 edition of a true love story.  

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