The Red Spider is a story of love, twisted and turned by jealousy, envy and revenge. It is where girl’s soul is drawn towards lust and burned with whispers of evil. The story follows the journey of young Theresa Buttons, who yearns to have the heart of a man who loves another. And with a chance to have the man of her dreams, she travels to the woods of the Mage, a swamp deep in the woods of Ravensville. There, she will seek a witch, Medusa, whose past will decide young Theresa’s future and all those who have entered the circle of the red spider’s curse. Winsphere Jones insists that it is her youthful mind and inexperience that she becomes blind to the danger of growing up too fast and is swallowed by the world’s lustful whim. 



A Window In My Mind is a play that captures the essence of Winsphere Jones’ poetic genius in mystery and suspense.  It is the story of a writer, Weylin Hollingberry, looking to become one of New Amsterdam’s foremost mystery writers and gain success in literary circles. While pursuing his dream, his fiancée, Callista Garrett, who was born an aristocrat, decides to leave Weylin to pursue her own dream of becoming an actress at the prestigious Royal Academy of Theatre.  Since Weylin cannot woo the heart of his dearest love to stay with him, she leaves him to bear the burden of her decision to follow her path.  However, when Weylin’s book is published, his life becomes torn by his own masterpiece, and he is driven to make a decision that will haunt him for the rest of his life. 



This dark comedy surrounds the famous diamond known as The Heart of Montenegro, which is the most famous diamond on the planet. Its blue glow has captivated men for years and it is also known to be cursed because of strange events that have occurred to those who have had possession it. Tensly Melbourne, a sophisticated thief, has created a plan to steal the diamond from the family that now owns it. They are passing through Southampton, England to go to America in the next two weeks and they usually give the jewelry shops a chance to show off the diamond in every city they travel. Tensly’s plan is to use a group of unsuspected thieves to steal the diamond, however, in the midst of this remarkable plan, the thieves turn on each other and the challenge of dealing with greed takes hold and no one knows who to trust, as they all begin they are cursed for taking the diamond.



From the Lion's Mouth is the story of a priest, Zebulon Cross, who finds himself caught between his calling and his love for a woman of the streets, Godiva, who also finds that she herself is looking to change her wandering soul. This spiritual love story captures the sin that dwells within the church peeling away at the issues of rape, prostitution, abuse, abortion and suicide. Winsphere Jones explores the disputes of sin and how man falls from grace even at the highest position in our society. Jones brings together the spiritual battles with the flesh and takes the blinders off the eyes of those who lose their faith in God. From the Lion's Mouth intertwines stories of love, faith and hope for a better future in a world where darkness crawls towards the most innocent.



THY KINGDOM COME  takes place in 1800 during what Winsphere Jones calls The New American Age.  The British is still a great power in the Americas and they have appointed a king from mother England, King Edward I of  Loxingburg to keep the outer lands of New Amsterdam tamed.  At the beginning of the story, the Loxingburg family is in control during the 100th year of New Amsterdam's greatness, and it is time for King Edward II to give his heir the throne.  However, the throne has to go to the oldest son, Alexander, but the younger son, Victor has his own plans of taking the throne.  Victor is tempted by evil thoughts and tries to overthrow his father in order to become king, but finds that his soul has been searched for a more hideous task.  THY KINGDOM COME is a story of redemption and  how the rise to power can ultimately be the undoing of  those looking to create their own destiny.


Kill Tom Phoolery

Kill Tom Phoolery is the story of one playwright, Thomas E. Phoolery, who has created a genre of theatre in which writing ignorant, comedic buffoonery has made him a rich man.  But Thomas Phoolery’s arch nemesis, Mister Eudolf, vows the erase his downtrodden images and discredit him for claiming to be a true artist. Winsphere Jones pushes the boundaries by questioning if the acquisition of wealth causes the true artist sell their soul for success.  Kill Tom Phoolery explores the nature of the idolized playwright who sends the wrong messages, promoting negative stereotypes that could easily misrepresent an entire culture.  Winsphere Jones captures the schism of a writer who has sold his soul for profit and acclaim, yet finds the light of salvation in the point of a knife, but drowns in a drug induced despair from the realization that he has fallen too far to claw his way out of the self-created hell. 

A Flutter in the Basement

A Flutter in the Basement is the story of a young woman, Mona Bishop, as she struggles to free herself from a past that has engulfed her for nearly her entire life. Not until she is admitted to a psychiatric hospital does she finally start to reach a place where she can eventually see through the pain and live her life again. This psychological drama will pull you in and a young girl’s truth will unfold right before your eyes.

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